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[Bug 809806] kdm can not start multiple Xservers at boot time.

--- Comment #28 from Stefan BrĂ¼ns <stefan.bruens@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 2013-06-27
07:42:09 UTC ---
Yes, that is what i would expect for old version of the patch -

allocateVT and server start are done in distinct passes, so all displays get
VT7, as this is the VT plymouth is active on, and later on during server
startup plymouth is actually quit.

The new version avoids this problem, but there seems to be something wrong with
the plymouth shutdown.

I think I have to dig into plymouth what the different commands are actually
doing ...

Anyway, the new version leaves some debug output in /var/log/messages, which
survives the reboot.

To get the output, you can specify on the kernel
commandline (=^ runlevel 3).

Another possibility is to add "-debug 0x81", which redirects the kdm output to
/var/log/kdm.log and increases the verbosity level of the kdm core, including
the exec commands for the X server. Warning - this might include sensible
information like passwords.

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