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[Bug 824861] boot fails because xp dependant drive not found

Alan H Robinson Jr <root.aimcmp2@xxxxxxx> changed:

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--- Comment #7 from Alan H Robinson Jr <root.aimcmp2@xxxxxxx> 2013-06-23
09:21:26 UTC ---

Dear Support,

I am going to remove OpenSuse 12.3 from my computer and find a better Linux
distribution as the only time OpenSuse find my hard drives is when it is
installed. Even an over install does not fix the boot process. You have no
Live-CD with repair tools on it, and have not referred my development requests;
so if anything goes wrong with your op system no way to fix it. It is too much
trouble to support and use your version of Linux, as when I replace one of my
drives that has gone defective your system will not find the new drive by
Dev/id. Once installed your boot processes do not self heal as expected and if
the Dev/id changes and you present NO tools to fix the boot process. In this
case Linux self heals by ignoring Dev/by id and booting by device for Linux but
Your OpenSuse 12.3 fails to start because it does not boot by device for other
than the primary partition of XP, therefore your Linux fails to boot to int6 or
GUI because of XP other than primary partitions only, which of course if

This problem is much worse than a bug, it makes your software useless. Once
installed you present no tools for fixing the boot structure;

unlike Windows XP which is a much simpler op system, even it can find new
drives on a restore.

During boot, by Live-CD, or after boot you present no GUI tool to change or
fix the boot process, or change it from Dev/by id, to by device, or by label;
when changed in Grub2 (a Grub2 bug) this simply changes back to what you set it
too on the install.

The tool I presented might work if the missing procedure is installed in my
installation before use; I will check this; also this tool is from a
distribution with better supported clearly.

You have not referred this flaw/bug in your op system to the development
department or to systemd[1], systemd mounting the partitions development. Of
course a op system that will not boot is not useful.

OpenSuse 12.3 is clearly only useful if nothing goes wrong and nothing
changes as you have no LIVE-CD with repair tools or any other repair GUI to fix
you op system if anything goes wrong or changes; this is much worse than a bug;
it makes your op system useless.

Thanks for the information. I understand the problem much clear now; I am
sorry you or Novell not able to improve this major flaw in your op system; much
worse than a bug.

Never mind then, if you unable to fix it or have someone help you. I fix it
myself if I can; and I look for the Linux distribution that has the GUI repair
tool where it came from. With out repair tools your distribution is not useful
as it just breaks and can not be fixed.

Alan H Robinson Jr

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