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[Bug 822102] ImageMagick: /usr/bin/convert .eps file into PDF changes bounding box which results off-center printing

--- Comment #11 from Joseph Comfort <Joseph.Comfort@xxxxxxx> 2013-06-07
13:44:46 UTC ---
epstopdf is a perl script found in: texlive-epstopdf-bin . Documentation is in
texlive-epstopdf .

As you say, considering the sources, getting consistency among the various
conversion methods can be difficult. My complaint is that something changed
between openSuSE v12.1 and v12.3 so that conversion and printing which worked
for a long time now fails. So I question the notation 'invalid.' To the user,
something has gone wrong, and some previous consistency is lost.

I did the same tests on a v12.1 system at work, printing to the same Minolta
printer as before. I get

SuSE v12.1 --
cv_range.pdf prints centered, but not identical to cv_range.eps;
actually a bit larger and centered better than the
.eps file or v12.3.
cv_range2.pdf identical with cv_range.pdf (previous line)
cv_range3.pdf prints off-center, with the same size as cv_range2.pdf
cv_range4.pdf centered and identical with cv)range.pdf and cv_range2.pdf

The '-page 612x792' (alone) option is not good anywhere. Here, ps2pdf, convert
(alone), and epstopdf all give the same nice result. The v12.3 behavior is
different, and wrong in some aspects.

The root cause seems to be something outside of convert or epstopdf, so I will
hold off on bug reports about them. The epstopdf files are identical on the
two SuSE versions.

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