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[Bug 812266] Yast live CD installer ignores /etc/default/grub

--- Comment #20 from Neil Rickert <nrickert@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> 2013-06-04 16:54:28
UTC ---
Michael Chang - comment 12

are come from the old age of lilo which requires reinstall bootloader each time
you update a config.

I did use lilo for many years -- approx 1995-2006. And I had to frequently
reinstall lilo for just about anything.

However, since suse 10.1 through opensuse 12.1, I used grub legacy, which
was never unnecessarily reinstalled. It seemed to work well without
any reinstall (just an update of menu.lst). I have also experimented with
Mint and Fedora, which seem to manage without a grub2 reinstall.

Andrey mentioned that the change originated with bug 758570. However, I
see that was for an update to grub2 itself. It makes sense to reinstall
when grub2 is updated. And maybe updating the boot loader with Yast should
reinstall, or at least have a reinstall option. But it does not make
sense to reinstall grub whenever a kernel is updated or when some other
software update requires initrd to be rebuilt - updating "grub.cfg" should
be sufficient in those cases.

I can manage either way. But my concern is for non-technical users who
have trouble coping with the side-effects of grub reinstall. Many want to
leave their system booting Windows by default, and accessing linux via
the Windows boot manager. That breaks whenever grub is reinstalled. And then
there are the problems of getting a good boot procedure for UEFI, and having to
redo that for every update.

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