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[Bug 759635] os-prober fails to mount UFS2 partitions

--- Comment #14 from Agnelo de la Crotche <hippolyte@xxxxxxx> 2013-03-29
09:33:42 UTC ---

Number Start End Size Type File system Flags
1 32,3kB 11,5GB 11,5GB primary sun-ufs boot, type=a9
2 11,5GB 35,4GB 23,9GB primary ext4 type=83
4 35,4GB 148GB 112GB extended lba, type=0f
5 35,4GB 36,0GB 535MB logical linux-swap(v1) type=82

# grub2-mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt

Salut @ahlner,

What you're trying to do is impossible. You're trying to mount the NetBSD
primary partition (0xA9). This is not how you mount (any) BSD slice under
Linux. This partition can never be mounted. It is only a "container", just like
the extended partition. Many Linux tools are also buggy and see this partition
while they should ignore it. The "ignore" option was even dropped in the latest
mount utilities (or linux utils, or something, not sure how it is called). Thus
the following trick (which I'm still using in openSUSE 12.2) won't work anymore
any time soon (and probably has already stopped working under 12.3)

# ignore FreeBSD primaries
/dev/sda2 none ignore
/dev/sda3 none ignore
/dev/sdb2 none ignore
/dev/sdb3 none ignore

Otherwise I suggest writing udev rules to hide these partitions for a cleaner

I had a discussion with an ArchLinux developper, who had a discussion with an
udev developper, and I got the impression that (at least those) Linux
developpers neither know nor care about those BSD primaries. I'm afraid this is
just the way it is.

In any case, you never mount such a partition. You can think of it as the
extended partition (0x0f) in DOS/MBR partition scheme.

Whether your kernel can actually read the NetBSD disklabel is another question.
I'm quite sure it can read any BSD disklabel. All BSD disklabels are different
and more or less compatible with each other.

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