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[Bug 759635] os-prober fails to mount UFS2 partitions

--- Comment #11 from Agnelo de la Crotche <hippolyte@xxxxxxx> 2013-03-25
08:19:23 UTC ---
(In reply to comment #10)
12.3 is using grub2-mount in preference to OS mount. Could you test if it
better? You will need to replace all occurrences of grub-mount/grub-probe with
grub2-mount/grub2-probe in os-prober sources.

I don't have 12.3 installed anywhere. I can indeed mount both ufs1 and ufs2
slices with grub2-mount manually (under 12.2). It uses fuse instead of the ufs
filesystem driver and doesn't show differences between ufs1 and ufs2. In both
cases, mount will report:

grub2-mount on /mnt type fuse.grub2-mount

Someone has to try with os-prober, because mounting the slice is only the first
step. You still have to know what to look for and where in order to detect the
NetBSD or other BSD kernels and add the boot entry (which requires some code as

On the other hand, os-prober should NOT look for Linux kernels in ufs* slices -
as it used to do. I had to fix this as well. It generates a lot of useless
warnings (and takes longer too).

* unless people would install Linux in ufs file systems, but I don't know
anyone who does that.

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