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[Bug 767272] Missing boot entries for other distros.

--- Comment #34 from Agnelo de la Crotche <hippolyte@xxxxxxx> 2013-03-24
21:29:34 UTC ---
(In reply to comment #32)
Sorry : grub2 does not detect all OS of a machine.
My English is poor and I don't know how to say to you what I think.
There is a correlation.

Both bugs have the consequence that the boot entries for foreign operating
systems are missing, but there is no other correlation.

The Linux bug discussed here is related to the ext2 file system and journaling
at a pretty low level, I think. IMO, only a ext2 expert will be able to sort it
(without using hacks).

The BSD bug is either ignoring ufs partitions or failing to mount them
properly, due to a syntax error (wrong mount option: 44bsd vs ufs2) in
os-prober scripts. This bug will be easy to fix, as soon as maintainers are
interested in fixing it (I fixed it a long time ago). Further you'll have to
add a script in Grub2 to write NetBSD or other BSD entries, but this is not
difficult. Whether they will effectively boot BSD kernels is another problem.
In the past (with legacy Grub), it used to work or not. In any case,
chainloading - as you already mentioned - is always possible, but it's a work
around to a specific problem in a given situation, and not a bugfix.

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