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[Bug 808017] with crypted lvm in UEFI mode no /boot partition is proposed

--- Comment #12 from Thomas Fehr <fehr@xxxxxxxx> 2013-03-19 13:03:53 UTC ---
Either you need a feature rich bootloader that is able to set up root fs
(in case of plain LVM grub2 can do that, in case of encrypted LVM it cannot
do that yet). To support encryption the bootloader would need to ask
for crypt password and call "cryptsetup luksOpen ..." before setting
up LVM VG.

If the bootloader is not able to do that, you need at least three
partitions for any installation using encrypted LVM:
- /boot/efi formatted as vfat for ESP
- /boot unencrypted with linux fs (ext4,btrfs) for kernel and initrd
- LVM physical volume with encryption

Same would be true for other setup like e.g. raid if bootloader would
not be able to access root filesystem.

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