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[Bug 808039] No network without networkmanager (cloned from #798348 to track the second issue)

--- Comment #2 from Freek de Kruijf <> 2013-03-08 12:34:20
UTC ---
Tested with a new installation in VirtualBox. This ends up with a working
traditional network just before ending the installation by YaST. When I finish
the installation I observe a stop of network.service, which does not get
restarted. I observe the window manager get started on tty8 and I login on tty2
to find the network not started. I can start the network or reboot the system
after which all is as expected. So the solution seems to be that YaST stops the
network.service, but also should restart the network.service in the status YaST
configured, either traditional with ifup or using NetworkManager.

The last message from YaST in /var/log/YaST/y2log is at 11:47:49.
The messages after this time in /var/log/messages are:
11:47:2013-03-08T11:47:52.192809+01:00 linux rcnetwork[28992]: redirecting to
"systemctl --ignore-dependencies stop network.service"
2013-03-08T11:47:52.198090+01:00 linux systemd[1]: Stopping LSB: Configure
network interfaces and set up routing...
2013-03-08T11:47:52.956252+01:00 linux network[29007]: Shutting down network
2013-03-08T11:47:53.082075+01:00 linux network[29007]: eth0 device: Intel
Corporation 82540EM Gigabit Ethernet Co
2013-03-08T11:47:53.083751+01:00 linux ifdown[29360]: eth0 device:
Intel Corporation 82540EM Gigabit Ethernet Co
2013-03-08T11:47:53.268110+01:00 linux dhcpcd[29431]: eth0: sending signal 15
to pid 3862
2013-03-08T11:47:53.272949+01:00 linux dhcpcd[29431]: eth0: exiting
2013-03-08T11:47:53.272989+01:00 linux dhcpcd[3862]: eth0: received SIGTERM,
2013-03-08T11:47:53.272998+01:00 linux dhcpcd[3862]: eth0: removing default
route via metric 0
2013-03-08T11:47:53.273005+01:00 linux dhcpcd[3862]: eth0: removing IP address
2013-03-08T11:47:53.273139+01:00 linux avahi-daemon[395]: Withdrawing address
record for on eth0.
2013-03-08T11:47:53.273772+01:00 linux avahi-daemon[395]: Leaving mDNS
multicast group on interface eth0.IPv4 with address
2013-03-08T11:47:53.275205+01:00 linux avahi-daemon[395]: Interface eth0.IPv4
no longer relevant for mDNS.
2013-03-08T11:47:53.604504+01:00 linux dhcpcd[3862]: eth0: exiting
2013-03-08T11:47:54.458141+01:00 linux avahi-daemon[395]: Interface eth0.IPv6
no longer relevant for mDNS.
2013-03-08T11:47:54.458170+01:00 linux avahi-daemon[395]: Leaving mDNS
multicast group on interface eth0.IPv6 with address
2013-03-08T11:47:54.458178+01:00 linux avahi-daemon[395]: Withdrawing address
record for 2001:980:64c7:1:a00:27ff:fe86:a4fb on eth0.
2013-03-08T11:47:54.458693+01:00 linux avahi-daemon[395]: Withdrawing address
record for 2001:980:64c7:1:c4c0:f8d6:31bf:1145 on eth0.
2013-03-08T11:47:55.317500+01:00 linux network[29007]: ..doneShutting down
service network . . . . . . . . . . . ...done
2013-03-08T11:47:55.324127+01:00 linux systemd[1]: Stopped LSB: Configure
network interfaces and set up routing.
2013-03-08T11:47:55.430523+01:00 linux systemd[1]: Started YaST2 Second Stage.
2013-03-08T11:47:55.432174+01:00 linux systemd[1]: Started YaST2 Firstboot.
2013-03-08T11:47:55.432192+01:00 linux systemd[1]: Starting SuSEfirewall2 phase
2013-03-08T11:47:55.441004+01:00 linux systemd[1]: Started SuSEfirewall2 phase
2013-03-08T11:47:55.442662+01:00 linux systemd[1]: Starting LSB: X Display
2013-03-08T11:47:55.448287+01:00 linux systemd[1]: Starting Getty on tty1...
2013-03-08T11:47:55.471081+01:00 linux systemd[1]: Started Getty on tty1.
2013-03-08T11:47:55.471110+01:00 linux systemd[1]: Starting Login Prompts.
2013-03-08T11:47:55.471117+01:00 linux systemd[1]: Reached target Login
2013-03-08T11:47:55.471122+01:00 linux systemd[1]: Starting Multi-User.
2013-03-08T11:47:55.471716+01:00 linux systemd[1]: Reached target Multi-User.
2013-03-08T11:47:55.536731+01:00 linux SuSEfirewall2: Firewall rules set to
2013-03-08T11:47:55.617111+01:00 linux xdm[29720]: Starting service kdm..done
2013-03-08T11:47:55.620113+01:00 linux systemd[1]: Started LSB: X Display

So first the network is stopped by process-id 29007 after which systemd,
process-id=1 starts some services apparently not the network.service.

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