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[Bug 760457] Unable to Install Auto Patch Updates due to .drpm and .rpm file formats from Main Update and other Repositories

--- Comment #6 from Scott Couston <scott@xxxxxxxxxxx> 2012-05-06 09:28:13 UTC
From the image you can see that I copied and pasted the update FULL URL that
the error was found on in X11.....The file patch update was only present in an
.RPM file and not the .DRPM...If it were as simple as not being able to access
the repository I would have had no concern..

I think that what has happened is that the build process to put every file into
a .DRPM as you can see from the screen shot most ALL files exist only as RPM so
the error..was literately file not found...and that was correct..I gather that
the X11 subdirectory would be one of the last 11.4 update directories to be
converted to have the .DRPM file 'cause its down the bottom of the alphabet and
I guess the process works down the directory tree.

I am happy to leave you to check the X11 directory if you would kindly fix the
banshee repository as there is an error in the auto added URL and that
repository doesnot exist as the repos URL, not its content, is stuffed
up...Just try adding banshee repo and you’ll see


Could you please put back the NVIDA repo in the search for community repos as
its fallen off the list...Probably because the NVIDIA repo is set up as
ftp://.....and the scan for repos probably considers only http...

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