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[Bug 728554] first login attempt after boot always fails

--- Comment #56 from Hans-Peter Holler <holler@xxxxxxxxxxx> 2012-01-23 22:54:05
UTC ---
(In reply to comment #53)
Another test: I activated in /usr/share/kde4/config/kdm/kdmrc in section
"[General]" the setting "AutoRescan=false".
Since then the problem is gone.
Can anyone confirm this?
No change.

disclaimer: I do NOT recommend to use this setting except for testing until
someone with more inside knowledge than me, tells us if it is safe. Otherwise
it might be necessary to reboot the machine to get changed settings to work...
The issue is about the first login after boot. So how to test this changed
setting without reboot?

(In reply to comment #55)
#734518 is about snapper/zypp/btrfs
I don't use btrfs, but tried removing snapper because Roland might be right
the "root of this" is "Definitely one of the IO bugs"
No change.

This is not a bugzilla, maybe a forum or mailing list thread.
A bug should be mentioned by developers, shouldn't it?
So I assigned this to Will, who didn't answer yet. Why? I don't know and I'm
not happy with that.
But you:
you all also don't know but you all keep acting like probing "this" and
accusing "that" might be the cause and maybe the solution of the problem.

But back to the facts:
it's a KDE/KDM thing, so telling other people: use another login-manager and
then continue to use KDE does nothing good.
stracing kdm (as i did in the first place) leads to nothing because you can't
trace with this utility what happens fulfilling the password-editbox.
There _is_ a blocking delay after the first keystroke inside the password
And this blocking delay has a relation to harddisk activity right after this
very first keystroke.

So as this is a bugzilla: let's wait and hope a real developer would
explain/resolve this.

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