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[Bug 732440] Kompozer ftp broken

--- Comment #23 from Roland Hughes <roland@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 2012-01-06
19:33:43 UTC ---
(In reply to comment #22)
kompozer-0_7 in 12.1 is not working. Yes, Site Manager works there, but Table
Editor does not. In kompozer (0.8) in 12.1 Table Editor works but Site Manager
does not.

The brokenness of Table Editor was caused by upgrade of system libraries
in fact it was caused by incorrect GTK+ usage in the mozilla code base).

The brokenness of Site Manager was caused by upgrade of mozilla code base that
is bundled with the kompozer (new mozilla code is not compatible with the way
how Site Manager uses it).

If we want completely working kompozer-0_7, we would need to bundle old
of GTK+ with it (well, it would not be as easy, because old GTK+ would
not work with the latest GLib etc.)

If we want completely working kompozer (0.8), there is no way except its fix.
They mixed incompatible components in the upstream code.

Created request id 99296 that submits kompozer-0_7 to the mozilla OBS

I just want "a" working version. I wonder how difficult it would be to
jettison GTK, since the industry has already started down that path, and
jettison Firefox. Rewrite with Qt. The package would be far more portable and
then would follow KDE standards. Perhaps use QtWeb as the base for the editor
and preview panes? Or steal Arora.

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