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[Bug 710430] DNS problem with LDAP server

Ralf Haferkamp <rhafer@xxxxxxxx> changed:

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--- Comment #11 from Ralf Haferkamp <rhafer@xxxxxxxx> 2011-08-31 12:16:52 CEST
I just submitted the ldapdump patch to Factory. While that fix is needed it is
however unlikely that it is really the cause of yast2 crashing.

Looking at /var/log/YaST/signal is seems to crash somewhere in
/usr/lib64/ (when called from the ldap-agent). One crash occure
e.g. on 2011-08-05 05:04:42 the corresponding y2logs can be found in

2011-08-05 05:04:25 <1> Creations(32256) [Perl]
modules/ Schemabase:
2011-08-05 05:04:25 <1> Creations(32256) [Perl]
modules/ Schema
/etc/openldap/schema/dnszone.schema is already included
2011-08-05 05:04:25 <3> Creations(32256) [agent-ldap] ldap error while starting TLS (-11): Connect
2011-08-05 05:04:25 <3> Creations(32256) [agent-ldap] additional info: error:14090086:SSL
routines:SSL3_GET_SERVER_CERTIFICATE:certificate verif
y failed (self signed certificate in certificate chain)
2011-08-05 05:04:25 <1> Creations(32256) [ui] Guessing button role YOKButton for
YPushButton "OK" at 0x25d2208 from function key F10
2011-08-05 05:04:42 <1> Creations(32256) [Perl]
modules/ Stat of the file
'/etc/named.conf' is 'rights: 644, blocks: 16, size: 41
08, owner: 0:44 changed: 1312484041, modifyied: 1312484041'
2011-08-05 05:04:42 <1> Creations(32256) [Perl]
modules/ Deleting zones

So the hint for was not that far off.
It seems that DnsServer::SaveGlobals() calls DnsZone::ZonesDeleteLdap() which
uses the ldap-agent. The ldap-agent however was unable to open a connection
(because of TLS problems) and somehow ends up using a stale LDAPConnection

This might be even a bug in libldapcpp. Still investigating.

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