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[Bug 708205] AUDIT-0: lightdm

--- Comment #5 from Sebastian Krahmer <krahmer@xxxxxxxxxx> 2011-08-23 09:38:06
UTC ---
LightDM has some issues (even without looking at the DBUS code) where
it for example is vulnerable to race condition exploits. It chowns
ressource files inside users homedir like this:

/* Update the users .dmrc */
if (user)
path = g_build_filename (user_get_home_directory (user), ".dmrc",
g_file_set_contents (path, data, length, NULL);
if (getuid () == 0 && chown (path, user_get_uid (user), user_get_gid
(user)) < 0)
g_warning ("Error setting ownership on %s: %s", path, strerror
g_free (path);

Failing to realize symlinks etc. There is more code like this
(and I am going to report it to oss-sec) as well as integer
overflows. Unless lightdm has undergone a serious security review
I'd not recommend its usage.

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