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[Bug 679435] autoyast does not install post-packages

--- Comment #36 from Jiří­ Suchomel <jsuchome@xxxxxxxxxx> 2011-03-24 08:38:29
UTC ---
(In reply to comment #35)
IMO the proposed fix should work for this particular case but it's not
generic enough. A few lines above, you have:

--- cut ---
if ...
ProductControl::DisableModule ("add-on");

if ...
ProductControl::EnableModule ("productsources");

ProductControl::DisableModule ("root");
--- cut ---

These do not hurt. see below.

Additionally, after that AdjustAutomaticConfiguration() is called
that contains:

--- cut ---
ProductControl::DisableAllModulesAndProposals ("installation", "continue");
ProductControl::EnableModule ("automatic_configuration");


ProductControl::UnDisableAllModulesAndProposals ("installation", "continue");
ProductControl::DisableModule ("automatic_configuration");
--- cut ---

Yes, and in case of autoYaST, second part of this is actually called, because
ProductControl::GetUseAutomaticConfiguration returns false - it is set to false
after my patch proposed above in the call of:

ProductControl::SetUseAutomaticConfiguration (autoconfiguration_default ==

IMO we should do something like this

Whit my patch proposal above,
InstData::enable_autoconfiguration is set to false
ProductControl::use_automatic_configuration is set to fals
ProductControl::UnDisableAllModulesAndProposals ("installation", "continue")
ProductControl::DisableModule ("automatic_configuration");

are called. I think this should solve it all.

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