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[Bug 651822] xm snapshot-xxx scripts lead to an XP SP3 HVM domU to chkdsk
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  • Date: Wed, 1 Dec 2010 08:50:59 +0000
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--- Comment #14 from Dongyang Li <lidongyang@xxxxxxxxxx> 2010-12-01 08:50:57
UTC ---
(In reply to comment #13)
The above fix introduces additional problems for me. The chkdsk problem goes
away, but that seems to be the side effect of a larger bug. It seems that
snap1 has been applied to the vm, the xpsp3 xenstore is set so that "xm start"
will also cause the snapshot to be applied. Perhaps the sxprep.append() needs
to be undone somewhere?
as I said in comment#3, after applying the snapshot, the disk state is reverted
to the stat of the snapshot, so this is expected.


1. dom0: xm start xpsp3 --vncviewer
2. domU: boots, create file a
3. dom0: xm snapshot-create xpsp3 snap1
4. domU: create file b, shutdown

5. dom0: xm start xpsp3 --vncviewer
6. domU: boots, files a & b exist, create file c, shutdown

7. dom0: xm snapshot-apply xpsp3 snap1 && xm vncviewer xpsp3
8. domU: starts (already booted), as expected file a exists but b & c do not,
create file d, shutdown

9. dom0: xm start xpsp3 --vncviewer
10. domU: boots, as expected file a exists and b & c do not, unexpectedly file
d does not exist, create file e, shutdown

11. dom0: xm start xpsp3 --vncviewer
12. domU: boots, as expected file a exists and b & c do not, unexpectedly file
d & e do not exist, create file f, shutdown

13. dom0: xm snapshot-delete xpsp3 snap1
14. dom0: xm start xpsp3 --vncviewer
15. domU: "Boot from Hard Disk failed: could not read the boot disk"

16. dom0: xm delete xpsp3 && xm create xpsp3.hvm
17. dom0: xm start xpsp3 -- vncviewer
18. domU: boots, as expected file a exists, no other files exists - not sure
what to expect for them given the above errors
however files created after applying the snapshots are gone, this is another
problem, looking into it.

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