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[Bug 597723] boot partition may exceed certain BIOS limits
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  • Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2010 14:59:53 +0000
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--- Comment #46 from Tejun Heo <teheo@xxxxxxxxxx> 2010-04-22 14:59:52 UTC ---

(In reply to comment #44)
Nothing on parted mailing list, but there is by Tejun Heo,
is AFAIK expert in this area. Adding Tejun to CC:.

I definitely am not an expert on the subject. The document is just a result of
me trying to find out what was going on and outside of driver my first hand
knowledge is very limited. That said, it's true that vista and w7 are using 2k
alignment by default and if the BIOS has problems dealing with that, which is a
bit strange because it seems the BIOS already successfully loaded grub and
after that point I can't think of why partition layout would have any effect on
read requests but then again weird BIOS problems are surely conceivable.

I heard that some BIOSes had problems with vista/w7 but I don't think the
compatibility issue is wide spread and if we're seeing problems on wide
collection of hardwares, it's more likely to be our problem. Is it possible to
test vista or w7 on the machine?


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