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[Bug 554152] mptscsih driver errors on high IO, server becomes unresponsive
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  • Date: Fri, 9 Apr 2010 09:43:48 +0000
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--- Comment #32 from Richard Ems <r.ems@xxxxxxx> 2010-04-09 09:43:43 UTC ---
Hi Kashyap and Oswald,

sorry for the late response, too much work, many colleagues on vacations so
work for me 8) .
The error hit us in the night from sunday to monday, and yesterday night again!


Point 1.:
You wrote: "Is that device connected at 8:0:0:0 is really shaky ?"

No, not really. No problems with that device, no HDDs failed in the last
months. The monitoring software shows everything ok and access to the device
works perfectly in all other cases.

Next you wrote:
"If any of the drives which is part of
/dev/sda1 20T 19T 273G 99% /backup/IFT
is BAD/SHAKY then we need to minimize the scope of the issue by some route. I
don't know how much is it possible (since it is not a test machine ).
do you think this can be done ?"

What should be done? You wrote before that recompiling the driver was not more
necessary, did I get this right?

Point 2:
a) Is it possible when you hit this issue, kill your rsync do "sg_reset -h
/dev/sda". Is it still unresponsive ?
The problem is that this happens at night, and the load goes so high that I
cannot login anymore in the morning.
BUT the times I managed to trigger the error myself, by starting the rsync
process, killing rsync brought everything to normality, system continued
working fine afterwards.

b) Do you think after the issue, things never come back to normal? I mean if
you shutdown your rsync and restart what happen ? How do you come out of this
issue ? Is it reboot or something else ?
When the hang happens overnight, I have to reboot using ALT + SYSRQ + reisub,
after the reboot everything works fine.

I will try today to trigger the error again, then kill the rsync, then restart
it again and see what happens, ok?

You also wrote
"It will really help me if I have logs 2-3 min before the issue occur till the
issue occurred."

I can send you this log, but I already checked that and found nothing related
to this issue. I will post an attachment later.

Anything else I can do?

Many thanks, Richard

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