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[Bug 376310] run mkzimage on Pegasos and EFIKA as part of installation, and after kernel upgrades
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  • Date: Fri, 2 Jan 2009 12:39:12 -0700 (MST)
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User matt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx added comment

--- Comment #14 from Matt Sealey <matt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 2009-01-02 12:39:08 MST
I'm still beating my head on the desk over this.

yast2-bootloader has ample code to support iSeries and PREP with mkzimage, and
it's well known that yaboot simply doesn't work on most configurations (here it
installed /yaboot file but it's in the root directory, not /boot, and the
firmware may not be able to read the root directory which is why /boot exists
in the first place).

Running yaboot from the disk on my Pegasos does not successfully boot, and it's
running a 1.2 firmware (i.e. production) and ext3 (with 128 byte inode)
partitions throughout (I accepted the default partitioning proposal in 11.1)

Can't we just treat Efika/Pegasos or any Genesi/bplan machine exactly the
same?- let's remove the dependencies on specific board names, let's assume
yaboot needs mkzimage to be run like yast2-bootloader for PREP and iSeries
does, and that all Genesi systems will ship with "broken" firmware and everyone
would prefer just to boot the zImage directly)?

yast2-bootloader and /lib/lilo/ etc. scripts all detect Efika and Pegasos just
fine.. just some wrong decision has been made about what these boards SHOULD
run. This is just not the reality, though, and no amount of breaking Linux
distributions to try and "coerce" firmware teams into releasing updates should
be done, as it annoys users and causes systems to be unbootable even after

All this running around working out workarounds and driver updates to resolve
issues with a 3 year old decision to force people to try and use yaboot when it
would clean up and code fix a lot of problems by simply not supporting it.. it
simply makes me want to cry with frustration that nobody can see the real
issue here, which is that trying to imply that yaboot is the standard
bootloader is both 1) not born out by the code in the ppc bootloader support
since it can support mkzimage just fine and 2) never going to work this way

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