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[Bug 328388] Intel ICH9R raid controller not supported on 10.3RC2, all dmraid arrays broken after (LiveCD) boot
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  • Date: Wed, 10 Oct 2007 03:18:15 -0600 (MDT)
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--- Comment #31 from Radoslav Rangelov <creator@xxxxxx> 2007-10-10 03:18:15
MST ---
(In reply to comment #28 from Tiago Freitas)
Radoslav thank's so much for finding this.
I think it's better that you or me open a new bug report for this to be fixed.
Are you using the ICH9R in the asus? It can have two raid controllers.
To fix the broken raid, first disconnect one of the disks. Power on and it
still say one of the disks is offline.
Then power off and connect it again, it will recognize it and work again.
will be ok and raid1 will be degraded, you can fix it in the intel manager in
windows. You will not lose your data.

Yes I am sure that I use the Intel Matrix Storage controller. I have RAID0
configuration on both of my computers.

To fix the raid configuration after trying to install OpenSuSE 10.3, I don't
need to disconnect any devices. It needs only the computer to be switched off
completely (with power off), not just restarted.

I made workaround for the issue just changing "static int ata_ignore_hpa = 1"
to "static int ata_ignore_hpa = 0" in linux-source/drivers/ata/libata-core.c
file. It works. I found this in another forum:

I found another bug but it is in YaST probably. If the raid configuration name
has space sign in the name, the installer of SuSE can't see the raid
partitions. It's detects only the raid devices but not the partitions on them.
I had to create my RAID0 configuration again (without spaces in the name) to
install successfully.

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