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[Bug 118131] OpenOffice fonts, both UI and document, are unacceptable
  • From: bugzilla_noreply@xxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 6 Feb 2007 04:24:21 -0700 (MST)
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------- Comment #81 from mfabian@xxxxxxxxxx 2007-02-06 04:24 MST -------
Hans-Peter Jansen> What about patch #3? I don't understand neither
Hans-Peter Jansen> freetype nor pcf fonts well enough do describe what
Hans-Peter Jansen> the patch is for, what consequences it has (other
Hans-Peter Jansen> than mangling the font name) and who's the
Hans-Peter Jansen> orginator, but it looks interesting enough.

That patch is necessary to distinguish between fonts
like "Misc Fixed", "Sony Fixed", "ETL Fixed", ...

Without that patch, all these would show up only as "Fixed" in font
selection dialogs. This is very confusing and you cannot select some
fonts at all then. For example if you use konsole and select the
custom "Fixed" and then change the size you may get a "Misc Fixed"
font at some size and a "Sony Fixed" at another size and you will
wonder why the font style changes so drastically just by changing the
size by one pixel. And you may not be able to select "Foo Fixed" at
all because "Bar Fixed" happens to be used if both are just called

This patch has another useful benefit. The Adobe bitmap fonts from
Xorg are called "Adobe Helvetica", "Adobe Times", and "Adobe Courier"
with this patch instead of just "Helvetica", "Times", and "Courier".
Many web pages specify "Helvetica", "Times", and "Courier" and if the
names of the bitmap fonts are exactly like that, most browsers will
use the bitmap fonts. This is usually not what one wants, the pages
will then show weird mixtures of bitmap fonts with antialiased fonts.
Of course one could disable these bitmap fonts in fontconfig
completely. But I think it is nicer to still have them available with
the "Adobe *" names than to disable them completely. If there is no
"Helvetica", a fallback like "Arial" or "Nimbus Sans L" will be used
which is much better than using these old bitmap fonts.

I made this patch originally. I discussed it upstream on the freetype
mailing list. First, the freetype developers liked it and wanted to
include it. Then somebody said that that one shouldn't put the foundry
name into the font name. But there are many fonts doing that, for
example "Bitstream Vera Sans" or "Arial Unicode MS" (the latter has
the foundry even at the end, i.e. it is not done in a consistant way
at all by the font makers). It was suggested that all the font dialogs
should be changed to be able to display and select the foundry as well.
But this is not easy either. It will take a long time to change all
KDE, Gnome, OpenOffice, Firefox, whatever, ... font dialogs like that.
Currently none of them lets you select the foundry, only the family.
And if many completely different fonts have the same family name you
cannot select the fonts you want anymore. On top of that, trying
to get more options into dialogs often meets resistance by the GUI
designers: "We don't want to many options, nobody understands that".
I think that is silly, one should not treat users as stupid.

Anyway, prepending the foundry name to the family name for the bitmap
fonts solved that problem at hand. It is a pragmatic solution, but it
works well.

I should try to discuss this again upstream, the last time the
discussion was completely sidetracked, the thread became very long and
at the end it led nowhere.

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