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[Bug 156593] Package Manager is missing importing and exporting of package lists
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  • Date: Sat, 3 Feb 2007 00:37:37 -0700 (MST)
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------- Comment #30 from Joseph.Comfort@xxxxxxx 2007-02-03 00:37 MST -------
I had been watching this bug off an on. In checking again, I am very surprised
(shocked would be better) to see it labeled as Resolved. But maybe I
misunderstand something. I don't see what the solution actually is for me.

I have yast2-qt-2.14.3-5 on my system. But there are no Import/Export options
in Software Manager (the original bug description). I have no idea what FATE
#300729 is, or how to make use of it. A couple of points.

This issue cannot possibly be an Enhancement. It was put out to restore a
feature that had been with SuSE for a very long time, but which was (#$%*&^@)
removed by someone. Not having it has been an extreme, very time-consuming
pain. I would indeed call it Critical (to productivity and health)!

AutoYaST will not do the job. It applies, as best as I can tell, to a full
installation of systems that are essentially all clones. But I have computers
of different architectures: single processors or SMP; single or dual boot;
different disk sizes and partition structures; wireless or wired; fixed IP or
DHCP;... But what they do have are similar (but not identical) sets of software
rpms. I keep an ascii list of the installed rpms on each computer. When I
upgrade and install a new version of SuSE, I once was able to use the file in
Software Manager, after installation, to add/delete rpms (both) -- reviewing
any proposed changes. If I had to reinstall the system for some reason, I was
back up to where I was in no time. I could use a list from one computer to be
the base for a new computer, again reviewing the selections for necessary
changes. Instead, now, it literally takes me hours (!) per computer to
carefully compare my list with the rpms available in Software Manager, and make
adjustments. If there is now something that does these tasks for me, I would
like to know and have it made available. A simple import/export package does
things that a complex AutoYaST can't. And users can actually understand it.

To add/delete rpms, I use a mouse to put check marks or trash cans in little
boxes. I can not understand how it is so difficult to have Software Manager
read a very simple ascii file and do exactly the same thing. Computers are
supposed to be good for that sort of thing.

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