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[Bug 216753] LTSP not supported natively
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  • Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2006 14:45:14 -0700 (MST)
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------- Comment #3 from richard.bos@xxxxxxxxx 2006-10-31 14:45 MST -------
There is another oppertunity to work together with the core team.

It starts friday 2 November, so be quick ;) If possible with the upcoming
10.2 release.... MOre info in the irc log below:

jammcq: is it possible for you to tell me with whom you have spoken
to at Novell?

brich 22:23:38
jammcq: he (fxrsliberty) talked to several people. Dave Brower is
the head of k12 marketing and he wants it. jeff jaffe an I exchanged a few
e-mails and he forwarded me to Guy Lunardi
Jeff Jaffe is COO or a function very close to that level....

jammcq 22:25:46
hey guys
I talked with Matt French
he seemed "interested" but unwilling to commit any resources
after we had our hackfest in september, he seemed even more
interested. so, I invited him to send someone to our next hackfest which is
this coming friday and saturday, but I got no reply
so basically, I'm happy to extend invitations for them to come play
with us, but i'm not going to chase them if they aren't really willing to play

brich 22:33:26
Where is the hackfest, do you have some more info?

jammcq 22:33:46
san francisco, fishermans wharf area
9 of us getting together for 2 days
starts 9am on friday, and ends at 4:30pm on saturday
if you find a novell guy that wants to come, have him contact me
but my understanding is that the "real" novell engineers are in
brich 22:35:11
I'll add it to the my feature (bug) request.
fxrsliberty: can you do the same to your bug report.
I think it is late indeed for a request. Perhaps a conference call
via skype with webcam might work?
jammcq 22:36:32
well, at this point, we've got 2 VERY busy days, i'm not interested
in jumping through hoops just because they couldn't make up their minds
brich 22:36:50
jammcq 22:37:04
I tried to explain to these guys that it's an opportunity to work
with the ubuntu and fedora and LTSP guys who are making things happen
face-to-face it doesn't get much better than that

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