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[Bug 214237] New: reorganize buttons naming and "instant" hints-help
  • From: bugzilla_noreply@xxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 21 Oct 2006 04:17:25 -0600 (MDT)
  • Message-id: <bug-214237-21960@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/>

Summary: reorganize buttons naming and "instant" hints-help
Product: SUSE LINUX 10.0
Version: Final
Platform: i686
OS/Version: SuSE Linux 10.0
Status: NEW
Severity: Minor
Priority: P5 - None
Component: YaST2
AssignedTo: bnc-team-screening@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
ReportedBy: bluedzins@xxxxx
QAContact: kkaempf@xxxxxxxxxx

It is not a bug strictly, rather example of really bad UI design.

Take a look at printer module. Button "finish". Help (left side of the dialog)
"Saving Changes
Press Finish to save changes."

There are two basic principles in education:
a) do not explain the topic via tautology
b) do not explain the topic (the unknown) via unkwown

This printer dialog is just example of (a). Please, rename this button "save
changes & finish" and remove this so-called "help". It is offensive in
intellectual way to even 10-years old child.

Yast2 is full of places when principle (a) or (b) is violated so please, take a
look, and fix this. This way the help side can be cleared up from pure nonsense
help and the user could get used to use it -- because then it would containt
_useful_ information.

Btw. when adding printer: "do want to..." should be "do you want to..." and it
is not a warning, just a question, so do not make panic.

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