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[Bug 175939] Grub boot menu doesn't appear after suspending to disk (hibernating) and powering on the machine (it should allow only specific kernel or other OS's)
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  • Date: Wed, 18 Oct 2006 06:37:23 -0600 (MDT)
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------- Comment #15 from seife@xxxxxxxxxx 2006-10-18 06:37 MST -------
(In reply to comment #13)
> Thanks for your impressions Stefan.
> >Often the windows partitions will be mounted in Linux.
> But in this case GRUB doesn't control the hibernation state of Windows, so it
> would allow booting on Linux although the Windows partition is inconsistent. So

no. You suspend linux with the fat32 partition mounted.
Now you boot windows. Windows sees "oh, this partition is dirty, we must
CHECKDISK it". Now you shut down windows and resume linux. BOOM. Data gone.

> Let me then dive a little bit more into this general issue, because I think we
> could reach a point where everybody agrees.

No, i don't think so, unless you agree to my points.

> The problem here is that this issue cannot be resolved so as to avoid the use
> of an inconsistent partition. But users without this potential problem get this
> safety feature without needing it.

They can disable it.

> When an hibernation (suspend to disk) takes in place, can't the OS mark the
> partitions in use as "dirty" so as to let a potential mounter of the partition
> know it and be stopped from doing it? Perhaps the thing I am proposing implies
> a new feature in the filesystem standard itself and on the mounting utilities.
> With this being done, we would catch the best of both worlds: safety for
> inconsistent partitions and the possibility for booting between OS's for people
> who don't use shared partitions or who knows that they won't be able to mount
> them until they shutdown the hibernated filesystems.

You need all participating OS's to participate in this. Windows knows nothing
about linux hibernation and i doubt it will.

> I am just throwing my thoughts in the air. Please feel free to warn me about
> the issues that this idea could arise, or the limitations that could prevent it
> to be implemented.

Just forge your thoughts into a small, easily verifiable and obviously correct
Nobody has come up with a solution to this problem now, and i won't even think
about it since it is wasted time. You can disable this feature. That's all you
will get from me.


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