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[Bug 186074] Optimize for i686
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  • Date: Wed, 11 Oct 2006 15:36:31 -0600 (MDT)
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------- Comment #34 from guru@xxxxxxxxxxx 2006-10-11 15:36 MST -------
lame is just a ridiculous example, as it does 99.9% mathematical computing and
almost no I/O. Typical applications do a lot more I/O than raw CPU processing
and, hence, you probably won't see any measurable performance increase by
tuning it for i686.

Guys, provide some *factual data* about those optimizations (i.e. real
benchmarks) for typical applications (KDE, Xorg, k3b, amarok, firefox,
thunderbird, gimp, ...).

Yes, -Bdirect and similar approaches give a much better startup time.
Yes, using the latest stable GCC usually produces binaries with better

But building for i686 instead of i586 ? And athlon instead of i586/i686 ?
Proof ? Where ?

Piotrek, please buy a clue before saying that building the whole distro tree
for i686 and i586 is a neglible effort. It isn't. Measure the size of the i586
repository, have a chat with some of the mirror maintainers (especially with
Eberhard Moenkeberg who hosts the master mirror at, they'll tell
you about cache misses, about hardware requirements to effectively host SUSE
Linux CD ISOs, DVD ISOs, FTP trees, online updates, etc...

IMO if there *is* enough proof that optimizing for i686 actually does provide a
significant performance benefit (haven't seen such a thing yet though), then we
should completely switch from i586 to i686 (i.e. no more i586) as adding
another architecture tree is probably unbareable.
Whether that's a good strategic option, I don't know. OTOH, 10.1 requires at
least 256MB of memory, so very old boxes are not usable with SUSE Linux anyway.

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