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[opensuse-boosters] Standup Meeting 2010/03/02
  • From: Henne Vogelsang <hvogel@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 04 Mar 2010 14:18:23 +0100
  • Message-id: <4B8FB31F.80103@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
This sprint was going from February 16th to March 2nd. Both old
milestones are progressing nicely. First content pops up in and more and more web-apps get ported to bento. The
openFATE milestone is in desperate need for a kick-off in general and
especially in retrospectiva so people can understand it. All the general
stuff is very much on track and Google Summer of Code looms on the horizon.

Miscellaneous Topics

Things that came up. Something everybody should be aware of.
* LinuxTag
Rumors say that nearly all our talks got accepted so we're looking good
on the program side. We're still looking for ideas to attract
contributors on the boot for this event.

* Google Summer Of Code
We want to help organizing the overall thing. Vincent and Henne already
stepped up. Henne brought up the idea to make GSOC our only milestone
for the time it is running. Everybody would have to take a student and
do 3 sprints on a topic with him.

* Early planing for the next boosters meeting
The last couple of times we were together (OPS Week/FOSDEM) we found no
quiet time to meet and discuss/hack together so we should plan something
like Gut Schönhof again. Various ideas were floating around.
From the EBC over the back of Coolo's new car, its big enough we heard,
to a punk trash house party in a team members soon to be empty flat. The
more serious ideas where to somehow couple this meeting to hackweek and
linuxtag and to invite a lot of people to it.

* Landing page
Kálmán Kéménczy from hungary stepped up and made a proposal for a new
landing page ( Tom was asking who would be responsible for
that so we can enable Kálmán to do something. As Kálmán already asked on
the right mailinglist (opensuse-web) and nobody reacted he can just go
ahead. Which is how these situations should be handled and what he is
doing now.


Every squad has to stand up and tell the others what they did do in the
last sprint, what they are planing to do in the next sprint and what
blocks them currently.

* Developer Documentation Squad
We did finish the goal of making the new instance ready to take in
content and started Portal:Development. We plan to to transfer all
content that is useful for Developers and come up with ideas how to
shape the portal. We also added a new goal of making sure that we can
get some statistics out of the new wiki. We are blocked by nothing.

* Umbrella squad
We did finish the xen migration + xen hosts work. Investigated liquid
960gs and prototyped login pages as plain html files because the EM team
doesn't point us to the way to do it. We also ported software.o.o to
bento theme. Deployed connect.o.o and announced it. Evaluated the
possibilities on integrating /search into the main page and using a
better search engine. We also added a new goal "port build.o.o to bento"
and worked on tabs for package views.

* openFATE
We did some hermes improvements for openFATE but nothing more. We plan
to setup the project on retrospectiva so everybody has an idea what we
are aiming for. We were blocked by meetings, the KDE Plasma Sprint and
SLEPOS SP1 work.
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