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[opensuse-boosters] Fwd: [opensuse-marketing] Web site / OBS suggestions
  • From: Thomas Schmidt <tschmidt@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 09 Feb 2010 17:57:07 +0100
  • Message-id: <4B7193E3.1070302@xxxxxxx>
This is some feedback regarding our webpage from opensuse-marketing.
Maybe we should include his ideas into the umbrella sprint?


-------- Original Message --------
Subject: [opensuse-marketing] Web site / OBS suggestions
Date: Tue, 09 Feb 2010 10:24:37 -0600
From: John Lange <john@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: OpenSUSE Marketing <opensuse-marketing@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

The question about the OBS announcement got me thinking about the
openSUSE site in general.

First, OBS is by far one of the best "features" of the SUSE community.
No other distribution has a better system for finding and adding

But lets put ourselves into the shoes of a first time OpenSUSE user.
After they finish the install, the likely first step is to open Firefox
which takes them to the default OpenSUSE site
( where they are presented with 3 prominent

1) Get it "download openSUSE or find aditional software"
2) Discover it "Learn more about openSUSE..."
3) Create it "Build packages for all major Linux distributions..."

"Get it" takes you to for downloading
openSUSE but, in the main menu on the left, the "Get Software" link just
loops back to itself.

To be fair, there is another box on the left for "Software" and one on
the right for "Package Search", but I personally feel the most prominent
thing you should see in the centre of the "get software" site is a
choice between downloading the full distro, and searching software.

And the existing main menu could use some reworking:

* Get Software
* Wiki
* Build Software
* User Directory
* Features
* News
* Forums
* Shop


* Get it ( -> download OpenSUSE with prominent software search)
* Buy it (-> Shop (BTW, this needs a serious overhaul))
* Discover it ( -> Wiki )
* Build it ( -> OBS )

( I like the "IT" theme and it should be maintained as much as
possible )

Delete these from the menu:

* User Directory: Fits better as a link from the Wiki.

* Features: this does not go to a feature list as expected, rather it
goes to openFate.

* Forums: Fits better as a link from the Wiki.

* News (Already on the main site and can also be under Discover it)

Comments on the specific sites:

Default openSUSE site: add "Buy it" under "Get it" to match the main
menu suggested above.

OBS: Package searching is buried as a link in the 3rd paragraph. "Build
it" should link directly to package search.

Shop: Is it only me or does anyone else find it odd that the only thing
you CAN'T buy at "shop" is openSUSE?! And no North American sales or
distribution? Plus, should there not be a link to purchase SLED/SLES?



John Lange

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