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partitioning fails
  • From: Maarten Hilgenga <M.L.Hilgenga@xxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 1 Jul 2005 12:36:16 +0000 (UTC)
  • Message-id: <42C538AF.7060903@xxxxxx>
Dear all,

as a systemadministrator for a research group at a university,I'd like to use autoyast to install version 9.3 on all the computers. While trying my autoyast file on a test system, I get this error while partitioning:

"Error while configuring partitions. Try again."

When I look at the partitioning after this, it looks like yast is determining it's own partitioning scheme, since it partitions a swap partition first and then a / partition.

my configuration file looks like this (for partitioning):


after checking y2log I found the following error:

2005-07-01 07:24:22 <3> linux(2771) [Interpreter] clients/inst_autosetup.ycp:118 Can't convert value '$["drive":$["device":"/dev/hda", "partitions":$["partition":$["mount":"swap", "size":"auto"]], "use":"all"]]' to type 'list'
2005-07-01 07:24:22 <3> linux(2771) [Interpreter] clients/inst_autosetup.ycp:118 Parameter eval failed (/* any -> list */Profile::Flat["partitioning"]:[])
2005-07-01 07:24:22 <1> linux(2771) [YCP] AutoinstStorage.ycp:300 Target map: $["/dev/hda":$["bios_id":"0x80", "bus":"IDE", "cyl_count":13328, "cyl_size":483328, "label":"msdos", "max_logical":63, "max_primary":4, "model":"MPD3064AT", "name":"1. IDE, 5.9 GB, /dev/hda, FUJITSU-MPD3064AT", "partitions":[], "scrpath":."hda", "unique":"l_yX.aATOdNRb6qD"]]
2005-07-01 07:24:22 <1> linux(2771) [YCP] AutoinstStorage.ycp:306 disk with bios_id 0x80: /dev/hda
2005-07-01 07:24:22 <1> linux(2771) [YCP] AutoinstStorage.ycp:311 mbr disk: /dev/hda
2005-07-01 07:24:22 <1> linux(2771) [YCP] AutoinstStorage.ycp:164 processed autoyast partition plan: $[]


Maarten Hilgenga
University of Groningen
Department of Applied Physics
Nijenborgh 4, 9747 AG Groningen
The Netherlands
tel: +31-50-3638045
fax: +31-50-3634886
email : m.l.hilgenga@xxxxxx

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