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Re: [suse-autoinstall] Problems finding autoinst.xml on floppy
  • From: Thorbjorn Jemander <thje@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 4 May 2005 11:36:20 +0000 (UTC)
  • Message-id: <200505041133.j44BXFu6016862@xxxxxxxx>
> Hi,
> this behaviour is something that has obviousely changed since
> SuSE 9.2, the autoinst.xml-file is no more autodetected on the
> The documentations says, it should work with
> autoyast=floppy:///autoinst.xml
> or
> autoyast=floppy
> as you have tried, but this also doesn't work - it has the same
> effects you described. BTW, please note, that 3 slashes would be
> required for the floppy:// - syntax, 2 for the URL-like scheme, as
> http:// and one for the root-directory of the floppy (which can of
> course be dos-formatted), but i prefer a minix-formatted floppy.


> It took me lots of time to find a syntax that works, the only one i
> found is:
> autoyast=/dev/fd0/autoinst.xml

This does not seem to work under 9.3. I experimented around alot,
(trying MSDOS, Minix and ext2 filesystems, both by the using
/dev/fd0/autoinst.xml directly and mounting the floppy in a directory
(In the shell at shift-alt-F5)) but finally, this worked:


(I used the floppy with the ext2 fs, but it probably works with

> but i don't know if this works with 9.3 as i only had 9.2
> up to now. Give it a try.
> As the bottom line, i can only say that the documentation or the
> autoyast-process has to be corrected by SuSE (make the software work
> as the docu says or make the docu so that it matches the features
> of the software)... ;-)

Yes, that would have saved me a lot of work. :-)

Dr. Thorbjörn Jemander, Senior/RT Systems Expert
Enea Epact AB, Teknikringen 8, Linköping, Sweden
thje@xxxxxxxx, +46 13 465 58 67,

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