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RE: [suse-autoinstall] Hybrid Auto Install (CD - FTP/HTTP)
  • From: "Nick Forbes" <nick.forbes@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 1 Feb 2005 11:11:47 +0000 (UTC)
  • Message-id: <000301c5084e$cca9f990$ce28a8c0@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Hi Charles,

Sorry I should have been clearer - I do have autoyast=http://<servername>/<controlfile.xml> passed to linuxrc and it works perfectly when I use either a CD for the install media or pass install=http://<servername>/<install-dir> as well in order to do an HTTP install.

The problem is that I would like to boot from the CD, load the root filesytem from the CD, but then fetch the RPM's from the HTTP server. This is what I am not sure is possible.

As far as I can make out there are two ways to approach this:
1). start an autoyast install from CD but use a linuxrc command or pre-install script to tell the installer to fetch the RPM's from an HTTP server.
2). start an autoyast install from the HTTP server but use something like the "rootimage=" argument to cause the root filesystem to be loaded from the CD. I have tried rootimage=/dev/hdc/boot/root but this just causes linuxrc to try to fetch this path from the HTTP server.

I hope that makes more sense.



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I'm not sure I'm reading your mail correctly, but it appears to me that you missed something very basic... In order to activate autoyast, you need to supply the control file, something like:
as a boot parameter to linuxrc...
Maybe you can supply more information about what's not working? -- Charlie

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