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Problems with <use> and <partition_type>
Hello everyone.

I'm trying to configure a control file that destroy the existing primary
partition hda1 and install SuSE freed with the deletion.

To do that, I use <use>1</use> in the control file, but it doesn't seem
to work. However <use>5,6,7</use> works, I guest it is due to 1 is a
primary partition and 5,6,7 are logical units. It seems like autoyast
has problems deleting a primary partition. Or not?

Although I destroy the partition previously to the installation (with
fdisk, for example) I also have problems with
<partition_type>primary</partition_type>. It only seems to work when
there is no other partitions in the disk. For example, if an extended
partition previously exists, the partitions specified in the control
file aren't created. Is possible to install SuSE in primary partitions
when a extended partition already exist? How?

I'm using SuSE 8.1, autoyast2-installation-2.6.42. Will the problem be
fixed using a recent patched version? Is the problem fixed in SuSE 8.2?

Any help to solve these problems is welcome. Thanks in advance!


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