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Re: [opensuse-artwork] 13.2 release outstanding work
  • From: Zvezdana Marjanovic <zmarjanovic@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 16 Oct 2014 18:45:44 +0200
  • Message-id: <>
On 16/10/14 16:56, Bruno Friedmann wrote:
On Thursday 16 October 2014 11.43:24 Zvezdana Marjanovic wrote:
On 13/10/14 15:52, Kenneth Wimer wrote:
Hi all,

In order to help get 13.2 out the door I would like to ask everyone to
help make a list of graphics-related items which are still outstanding
for 13.2. If I am such a n00b that I've missed this list somewhere else,
please excuse me (in advance).

I'll start with my items and ask for everyone to simply reply to this
email with theirs and any information necessary around the item.

1) Fix bugs in the installer:
- There are several open bugs concerning the installer theme that
I started working on. Our team will work on these bugs so that they are
fixed in time for the release.
2) Update the countdown banners to match the graphics of the desktop
- In the past the banners always used the current desktop
background. shows the current
stuff but our team would like to take a whack at making something that
fits to the desktop design of 13.2 itself.

I would like to share my idea for countdown (unfortunately just one at
the moment but if I think of something more I will share).
I used same "principle" and colors but not same shapes, I simply didn't
like how it looks with same shapes like wallpaper.

Damn, I was guessing it would work :-)

...this is not good enough. I will try some more option, maybe we get better results ;)

I see that you use code which runs countdown, since I don't know how to
use it I included just simple text in files to have preview.

This is my starting point, made it in illustrator

and tried to recreate in inkscape and this is result:



only thing I was not able to achieve here is nice shadow which bland in
same way like in illustrator.
So all of you who know all inkscape secrets please share them with me :D

I'm not sure you're looking exactly that, but what about duplicating the layer
make it a bit bigger and play with blur ?

And internet could help you like eventually

Thanks for sharing.

I did try all of this but it still didn't give good results.

Suggestions and comments are welcomed.


If this is not needed or wanted that is not a problem for us, we'd like
to spend time learning
about making banners and this seems like a good place to start.

3) Insert Your Item Here :-)


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