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[opensuse-artwork] widget theme proposal for 11.2
Hi openSUSE pixel lovers.

Time to think about 11.2 theming. In the global scope I propose to build
upon the openSUSE look we've set up in the past two releases. As much as
some people make fun of it[1], we have set up some basic style
attributes that make an openSUSE screenshot identifiable.

Here's the basic elements we need to theme every release:

- Gfxboot (cd welcome screen, menu)
- Boot select screen (grub)
- Boot (bootsplash, splashy)
- YAST installer (Slideshow graphics, installer 'skin').
- Greeter (a nag screen when the system runs for the first time. Luckily
the plan is to drop the nag screen at least on the GNOME side at last)
- KDE sysinfo ('my computer')
- KDE session splash
- KDE login (KDM)
- Wallpaper
- Test printout pages (A4/Letter).
- Cursor theme
- Default font (more on that later)
- Support web banner for a release (openSUSE countdown)

That's the wide theming universe we need to cover. It's still missing a
substantial item.

For a couple of releases we haven't changed the widget and window
decoration theme, at least on the GNOME side. I like being conservative
about something that needs to be mainly readable and you'll be staring
at for a long time, but it really is time to refresh that.

I've given an initial stab at a metatheme and brought together the dark
grey and green elements we've had in the boot and splash screens. There
are some contrast issues when using a dark widget theme, however, so the
dark grey is reserved only for the panel and application menus. We
probably want to provide an alternative color scheme as well as having a
greenish widget theme, greenish WM decorations and a green wallpaper may
be too much SUSE for some people to handle :) Will work with Garrett
LeSage on this.

You can grab and test the theme out[2]. You will need to checkout and
install the Murrine theme engine from svn trunk (gnome svn).

I will be looking at the KDE side of this now. If there is an
enthusiastic KDE person familiar with the theming subsystems in KDE4, I
would love to have a chat. Robert Lihm has volunteered to sync the look
over on Fluxbox as well.

There is one major issue with dark menus on a light theme. Firefox'
awesomebar gets a little odd. This can't be done from the gtkrc as far
as I can tell. We will need to provide a chrome fix to deal with this.
Garrett LeSage has indicated interest in this area. We probably want to
discuss how to cope with theme switching though. If we can't reasonably
work around this, we will need to drop the dark menus.

Something that relates to widgets quite closely are fonts. Garrett
LeSage proposed to use the Apache licensed Droid font family as a
default in place of Dejavu for 11.2. Aaron Bockover already packaged it
for openSUSE[3] so you can try it out. The sans-serif variant is a great
screen font, with a more compact metrics than Dejavu. I agree we should
push for the switch.

I'm thrilled to hear you feedback and let's get iterating.


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