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Re: [opensuse-arm] (Untested) RPI3 image - testers wanted

On 08.03.16 01:55, Alexander Graf wrote:

On 03/03/2016 08:18 PM, Dirk Müller wrote:

(yeah, I know its the Pi2 path, I was lazy) contains an untested
raspberrypi3 image. I already know that serial is broken, that seems
to be an upstream issue (due to the changed clock frequencies).

I haven't tested it further yet, need to buy some HDMI capable screen
first. Let me know your findings.

I have a patched u-boot version that can use for serial output if you
like. In a nutshell, the downstream kernel crashes when used with device

Without device tree, it boots successfully (with start.elf). With device
tree, it crashes the same way on both start.elf and loaded via u-boot.

Below is a kernel log dump. I can't really make sense of it yet. There's
probably code missing to deal with failed allocations. But I don't see
why there would be any at that early stage of the boot.

The current staging image works :). Yay!

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