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Re: [opensuse-arm] kernel update for 13.1 ARM images
On Montag, 23. Dezember 2013, 10:28:46 wrote Dirk Müller:
Hi Adrian,

Ok. So, if I understand it right, _constraints file must be updated for
all projects except Kernel:* which add additionnal constraints through
That is it?
erm, no, you are right, we need also update the _constratins file. Or drop
it in sources, entirely for now,
since we have it prjconf anyway.

So you're confirming that there is no way to overwrite broken
_constraints files via prjconf? It would be nice to be able to disable
them globally.

no, there is no way. It is the same as submitting broken source as these
files are part of the source.

So far we've been locally patching the build code to report insane
capabilities in order to workaround the constraint files.

It is not really a solution. It is the same as with defining broken build
Just that we should report broken constraints better. this one of three items
on the wall behind my chair in the office for next year ....


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