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Re: [opensuse-arm] dietlibc status
On 05/10/11 19:56, Dirk Müller wrote:
On Wednesday 05 October 2011, Tim Serong wrote:

* The attached patch is necessary to fix the immediate build error
(doesn't recognize armv7a as a known architecture).

nice, thanks. can you osc sr it? I'll review and accept it.

* I suspected an upgrade to dietlibc 0.32 may be good/useful (see
changelog at, it mentions
some ARM fixes), but AFACIT even upgrading to 0.32 does not fix the
above lfm/sfm opcode issue.

feel free to include it.. even if it doesn't fix the problem fully.

* Unless other packages depend on it, I'm somewhat tempted to suggest
dropping dietlibc if suitable fixes can't be located. The last upstream
release was in 2009, and there's mention of it having "numerous unfixed
bugs" on the busybox web site (

dietlibc is a standalone package and still it keeps reappearing (I used to be
the maintainer of it a few years ago and dropped it, but it was kept adding
back to factory by others..).

as it doesn't block anything else in factory from building, we can just ignore
this failure for now (or remove the architecture from support, e.g. add
ExcludeArch: %arm to the spec file).

that would also fix it. feel free to submit that.

I've submitted this:

Which is the patch I mentioned previously, plus "ExcludeArch: %arm", plus some hopefully helpful notes to whomever is able to pick this up in future :)


Tim Serong
Senior Clustering Engineer
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