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Re: [opensuse-arm] Growing some openSUSE ARMs

On Sep 30, 2011, at 8:11 AM, Alexander Graf wrote:

On 28.09.2011, at 12:50, Steve McIntyre wrote:

On Tue, Sep 27, 2011 at 06:31:51PM +0200, Alexander Graf wrote:
On 27.09.2011, at 18:19, Steve McIntyre wrote:

Out of curiosity, what are you using as a triplet for your hard-float
port? The discussion at LPC focussed on this to some extent:

Ah, nice. I didn't find that mail before. I only found one where the
discussion on the target names "armhf" and "armv7hl" was raised, so
we named the target "armv7hl" to be compatible with Fedora and Meego.

Fair enough, the internal name doesn't matter much. :-)

Well, it actually does matter because rpm compares it with the output of
uname to check if the architecture is compatible. However, if we call it
"armv7hl", we are incompatible with armv7l which logically would be missing
VFP capabilities. Now, uname unfortunately only emits armv7l (see
arch/arm/mm/proc-v7.S), so we never know if our host is capable of running
armv7hl code.

Bzzzt! rpm hasn't usesd uname(2) solely to determine arch for all of this

So we can either build our packages against armv7hl, breaking the assumption
that we can find the machine type from uname (basically adding a hack that
armv7hl is compatible to armv7l).

Or we could build our packages against armv7l which is what the kernel emits
(good!), but would diverge from how Fedora and Meego call their packages.

We're currently not sure which path would be the better one to walk down on.
What's the rationale from the other distro folks here?

I propose -- in order to move this discussion forward faster than distro
consensus --
that other body parts be used as as signifiers for CPU capabilities on ARM.

leg = Little Endian GNU
hip = Hardly Intensive Prothesis
The avoidance of any common letters of the alphabet will speed up
arch identifictaion without the necessity of hand crufted assembly
for strlen(3): any letter can be randommly chosen in any order to
compare from each set of identifier strings and compared with
exactly the same result as comparing the ful string.


73 de Jeff--
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