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Re: [opensuse-announce] Re: [security-announce] Advanced discontinuation notice for openSUSE 13.2
* Gil Weber <gil@xxxxxxxxxxxx> [11-21-16 09:33]:
Marcus, thanks for this notice. Quick question as I am a neophyte now
running 13.2.

Once I upgrade to Leap 42.1 do I need to do anything to continue
receiving updates from this list? Currently I do see security notices
for 13.2 and 42.1 (zypper commands) plus a lot of other releases.

Will those notices continue to come to me in my e-mail without my
having to make any changes -- the only difference being that the
notices for 13.2 will no longer appear?

Am I understanding this correctly?

Not Marcus, but...

your subscribed email has absolutely no dependency on your operating
system past personal preference. Updating your os will/should not stop
you receiving mail from opensus-announce or opensuse-security-announce
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