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SUSE Linux 10.1 Beta5: Delta ISOs available, rest tomorrow
  • From: Andreas Jaeger <aj@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 24 Feb 2006 19:22:39 +0100
  • Message-id: <m3pslcaa6o.fsf@xxxxxxxxxxx>

I'm glad to announce SUSE Linux 10.1 Codename "Agama Lizard" Beta5 !

With Beta5 we smoothed most of the rough edges of Beta4 and I still do
not advise to not put it on any production system!

Note: I'm announcing right now only the delta ISOs, the full ISOs will
be announced tomorrow when some more mirrors had a chance to sync. I
have not opened up for this yet! I'll send tomorrow
another announcement and update the opensuse wiki as well.


Beta5 is still for the adventurous experts and not for anybody without
a good Linux experience:

For now let me just point out the following issues:

* The CD 1 needs to remain in the cd drive after installing from
it. Do not remove it during the reboot and wait for YaST to
request CD 2.. Otherwise the installation of packages from CD
2-5 will fail afterwards.

* Due to the integration of the new package manager which is not
complete, note the following:
o Some statistics do not work, e.g. you see "Size of
packages to install: 0" - or "Number of packages to
install: 0", or "Software: Default system (0)".
o The graphical package manager frontend has only a limited
list of "views", currently you get a list of all the
packages and can only search in them.
o After installation, if you go into the YaST packager, all
installed packages are listed twice.
o Adding a new installation source does not work.
o Language dependend packages are not handled
correctly. This results in the installation of one
package-$lang package but not necessarily the one for the
languages asked for.
o An upgrade from a previous installation might fail, even
one from 10.1 Beta3 153142
* During an update from a previous release, packages that are not
available anymore get deleted - once at the start of CD1 and
then again at the end of CD1. Pressing Ignore a couple of times
allows to continue. Bug 153135
* The partitioner is broken in some cases Bug 151947. which might result in:
o mixed up filesystem types - for example one chooses ext2
and the partition is getting formatted with reiserfs
o creates double or totally obscure entries within the fstab of the system
o makes inproper proposals for a standard partitioning

* Download of Release Notes will fail.
* The online test with download of Updates will fail.
* The second part of the installation is done in text mode Bug

Summing up: The installer is in a better shape now, only installation
should be ok, system upgrade works for some - and the partitioner
still has a couple of regressions. The rest of the system should be
stable. An installation from our FACTORY tree should work again.


Further information and updates are available from

We've created on (and
on the mirrors of it) a repository with some non-OSS software.

SUSE Linux 10.1 is offered via bittorrent and via normal download.
Please use a mirror or the URL which directs you
to a mirror.

The distribution comes with 5 CDs. You need (on x86 and x86-64, I
haven't tested PPC):
* CD1 only for a minimal text installation (English)
* CDs 1-3 for a default KDE or GNOME installation in German or English
* All CDs for other selections

Download URLs for the torrents of the DELTA-ISOs:

Download URLs for the full Delta ISOs:
x86 architecture (Intel 32-bit) architecture:

For x86-64 (AMD64 / EM64T) 64-bit architecture:

Andreas Jaeger, aj@xxxxxxx,
SUSE Linux Products GmbH, Maxfeldstr. 5, 90409 N├╝rnberg, Germany
GPG fingerprint = 93A3 365E CE47 B889 DF7F FED1 389A 563C C272 A126
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