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RE: [suse-amd64] Giving up on 64-bit Linux for now
  • From: "Mike Tierney" <miket@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 20 Sep 2004 01:42:50 +0000 (UTC)
  • Message-id: <NFBBIHDGAMEONGEEFIPCOEJHCOAA.miket@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
I've found that if I try to create a new VMware virtual machine on our
Dual-Opteron server (SuSE SLES8 64-bit) I get a segfault and it crashes
during the guest OS install. However if I create the VM on another (32-bit)
server first and then copy that virtual machine onto the Dual-Opteron
server, it runs just fine on it!


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Subject: Re: [suse-amd64] Giving up on 64-bit Linux for now

Well folks, if it's any consolation to the rest of
you, I too have shelved 64-bit Linux for now, but it
isn't SuSE's fault per se... I cannot get Vmware to
run under *any* 64-bit distro. I know that others here
have, and I can only conclude that it must be some
peculiarity of my hardware. Even Vmware's tech support
couldn't figure out what was going wrong. I figure in
a month or two they'll get everything worked out and
there'll be a new build available that works. Very
soon now the number of AMD64 users is going to reach
some sort of critical mass and I think we'll see more
wholehearted efforts from commercial developers like
them. For now though, it's a damn shame to be
'wasting' all that extra power under the hood running
a 32-bit OS.

--- Scott Leighton <helphand@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> On Friday 17 September 2004 7:01 pm,
> me@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> > I wonder what my problem is, then. I turned SATA
> off. Is there any
> > particular setting you tweaked in the BIOS? Did
> you upgrade the BIOS? Did
> > you do anything different?
> I did absolutely nothing. Bought the box, brought
> it home, it had XP
> installed so I installed SuSE 64 bit dual boot and
> off I went. The only thing
> I changed in BIOS was the boot order, to have the
> CDROM boot first.
> It's using the on-board video, sound and network,
> has a Western Digital 80gb
> IDE drive and 512 mb DDR 400 memory.
> Scott

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