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Happy Chrisrmas & Still trying to get the KT8 Bits working
Happy Christmas and thanks for the help so far! I'm trying to get a
standard pre-built 2.6 Kernel rpm from Kraxel's directory to make all
my HW on the KT8 Neo to work all at once. I'm probably being really
stupid but get warnings that it cannot determine the dependencies of
ataraid, pdcraid and ata_via during the rpm installation? When I try and
modprobe the ata_via module it can't be found (which as far as I can see
is right?) Also I have to load the 8139too by hand which again used to
work under 2.4.21 during the boot up process. What am I doing wrong?
Apologies, if I'm being really dim but this is my first venture into

Best regards and thanks in advance


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