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[opensuse-ambassadors] Welcome our new ambassador from Greece
Hi ambassadors
Please all give a warm welcome to Theo Chatzimichos, a very good
friend of mine as our new ambassador
from Greece.
Below you can learn more about him and his relationship with openSUSE
as he told us in his own words.

* What have you done already for openSUSE?

Nothing important. The greek openSUSE guys are friends of mine (some
of them are even colleagues), and I've followed them in recent
conferences (eg FOSSCOMM 2011, openSUSE Collaboration Camp (where I
also did a Python/Django workshop)). Apart from that, I'm a Gentoo
Developer, but since my distro has a different target group, I usually
say to newbies to try openSUSE for their first distro (or try to
migrate from other distros like Ubuntu if they are dissapointed with

* What are your plans for promoting openSUSE? Please tell us what you
want to do the next 6 months.

I will continue to follow the team in various conferrences. Since I am
mostly interested in development/sysadmin tasks, I plan to give
presentations about those issues mostly, and help the team with such
tasks. Currently they are designing a new site ( in Drupal,
and I helped the guys already with their questions about it, since I
maintain the last three years two Drupal FOSS websites
( (my college's linuxteam) and (the greek gentoo community site))

* Are you ready to start promoting openSUSE?

Sure! BTW we even have a new Gentoo Developer who is also an openSUSE

* What do you think is the best kept secret of openSUSE?

In Greece (can't speak for any other countries) the guys are doing an
excellent job, especially promoting the distro in guys that are about
to explore linux.

* Why do you love to do this?

I'm an active FOSS promoter for the last 6 years at least, being
member of another awesome community is just a reasonable step for me.
Keep in mind that I just graduated, and I have to leave the college
LinuxTeam community after 5 years.
Not to mention that as a KDE fanboy, I support everyone that supports KDE ;)

* How did you start with with Linux/openSUSE? What is your level of

I started using linux about 9 years ago, and it is my primary OS for
the past 6 years. I tried several distros, and for the past three and
a half years I became a Gentoo Developer, member of the KDE/Qt Teams.
The last 6 months I'm also member of the Infrastructure Team of
Gentoo, where we administer about 50 servers spread around the world.
Also, I have KDE Developer account, but I use it mostly to upstream-fy
downstream packages and do various bugfixes here and there.
Apart from packaging and sysadmin tasks, I am pretty familiar with
development. The last two years I develop Python/Django applications,
with the most important ones being my thesis and my Gentoo GSoC

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