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[opensuse-ambassadors] Budapest release party from ambassador pov
  • From: Kálmán Kéménczy <kkemenczy@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 9 Aug 2010 09:12:40 +0200
  • Message-id: <AANLkTinJtZKhBXTGjeF+-s9SYJyREHtxKK+LWTgx5JfA@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Hi All,

Short report from the openSUSE 11.3 release party Budapest, Hungary
from an ambassador point of view.

- used doodle for registration and best schedule: - from 21 registration 16 people came
(good ratio), one of them traveled 400 km from Slovakia and one of
them from London (don't ask me how or why :) but it was great
- talked to Novell Hungary marketing and they gave me a room in Novell
office (attendees liked it, they talked about it as a sanctuary:) and
paid the food and drink (with 2 barrels of party beer) - all of them
about 100 EUR
- talked to a pizza delivery company that I will order and asked them
the highest piority for my forthcoming order (this is a kind of
on-demand food - no worries about too much or not enough food (arrived
within 35 minutes)
- created a menu card to help me about the order:
(printed at home on my pixma)
- requested some marketing gifts from novell... they gave me balls -
, pens
and 8GB pendrives!
- unfortunately DVDs haven't arrived so we copied a specialized
openSUSE 11.3 install kit (starts in Hungarian and you can install it
from the pendrive without any further settings). There was 11 + 1(dot)
+ 3 = 15 pen drive and it was enough
- took pictures by my phone -
it was not a good idea, few pictures not so good quality, next time I
will ask someone to take care of this

- we did not talked about openSUSE 11.3 features (well know thing),
but about development and localization process
- we agreed we continue the Reference guide translation as soon as it
will release for 11.3 (11.2 was a big success: - no other
distributions has that big book in our language)
- we would like to release the 11.3 Reference guide as a book
(on-demand printing) with installation media - imho box with small box
is not the right direction... big book could sell openSUSE (imho this
is a very intresting idea)
- we agreed that free ship it program (sponsored by Novell Hungary)
should continue (last year we posted about 200 DVDs around the country
- we are waiting for the 11.3 DVDs to relaunch the ship it program
- we will to add openSUSE 11.3 and (sled 11 sp1 with Novell) as
official operating system for high-school graduation (10.3 was the
last one:
and other distributions not work on that). One school will start to
use this from September and we will release case study and we plan to
release a screencast about how should solve the high-school graduation
exercises on openSUSE
- we would like to release very soon a course book for adults that
meets ECDL
(already work on it with ECDL teachers) - this is not the same as
Start-Up guide this will be a real coursebook (an example: )
- we agreed to use project to gather Hungarian
localization issues - this is an umbrella
project for Hungarian l10n volunteers (users don't like bugzilla, this
is more easier and volunteers will do the rest)
- we will looking for the opportunities to create install media
Hungarian edition (starts Hungarian, update every 3 months, contains
updates and multimedia support) - maybe with Studio
- we will looking for the opportunities to step into the retail stores
(one of the attendees works in Media Markt) to give DVDs to the
computers that sells without any operating systems
- we will contact to newspapers (PCWORLD and CHIP) to add DVDs to the newspapers

- one of my friend ( activist) wrote a nice article about the
event: it
was better than I wrote as openSUSE ambassador (more authentic), and
he spread this article on buzz, twitter, portals

sorry, this report is little bit messy, but let me know if you have
questions about it

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