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Re: Fwd: [mirror] Suboptimal (for mirrors) download pattern by opensuse clients

On 3/3/20 8:07 AM, Per Jessen wrote:
Niklas Edmundsson wrote:

In all honesty, I have a real hard time figuring out use cases for
when the chunked download strategy would be a performance gain for
package downloads since you already have redirector in mirrorbrain to
do a rough load balancing between mirrors...
My understanding is that the chunking is to enable optimal use of the
client-side bandwidth. Much depends on the available mirrors and the
client's connection. For instance, if I download the file you

wget -O /dev/null

I get slightly less than 10MB/sec. (also 1Gbit fibre)
If that was spread over 5 mirrors and chunked, I would likely see a
significantly faster download.

Of course, I wouldn't normally be given a mirror in Sweden, but we have
countries that have no mirrors at all. If you are in Spain, your 1Gbit
fibre won't do you much good because everything comes from Switzerland
or Germany or Sweden. Or elsewhere:

For instance - again for the package above, a Vodafone user in Spain
( might be given the following mirrors:

a) Cyprus
b) Iran
c) China
d) China
I'd think for those cases downloading multiple files at the same time
would have a similar effect.
For the chunked downloads a too small size for the chunks still would
hurt your performance too though, so
maybe we can start with optimizing there and generate Metalink files
with a much bigger chunk size?

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