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Re: [suse-mirror] openSUSE 12.1 Update Mirror Sync Problem
On Tue, 21 Feb 2012 12:37:17 -0500
David Westfall <david.westfall@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

This is my first post here.  I am not sure if this has been posted to
the mirror mailing list or not.

There is a problem with the 12.1 Update build process.  RPM's are
built and then two different copies exist with different signatures.
Files have same Name, Size, and Creation Date. But have a different
Time.  The first file get put in the Mater Mirror and is synced to the
remote mirrors.  The second file, at a later date then enters the
Master Mirror, but not all of the mirrors get the second version.  I
guess the sync method used might be filename only.  This causes digest
errors because the second file's checksum is in the repodata but the
first file is in the repo.

For mirror admins, until the openSUSE team can find the problem that
is creating two RPM's please use time stamps or checksums for mirror

openSUSE Forum Post

openSUSE Bug Report

1. the problem on our side *should* be fixed. we have reports from
multiple users that they dont see that problem anymore.

2. syncing even just the update tree with --checksum will not make you
happy at all. I did the mistake and it will not finish in time.

3. If your own mirror (intermediate mirror) doesnt pick up the fixed
packages. which should have newer timestamps, then just sync the 12.1
update tree with --checksum. That actually finishes in reasonable time.

4. In the bug you referenced, you wanted to contact the admin of the
mirror, which you are using. Did you hear anything from them yet?

5. I verified *and* that both
have the correct repositories twice. (once just a few minutes ago)

maybe we should remove your mirror from the rotation on download.o.o
until you heard back from the admin?


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