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Re: [suse-mirror] Blogging about 11.3 launch - THANKS!
On Thu, Jul 22, 2010 at 01:38:50PM +0200, Carsten Otto wrote:
Hi all,

On Thu, Jul 22, 2010 at 01:23:01PM +0200, Keld Simonsen wrote:
Personally I would like to exploit the use of bittorrent seeds hosted
by mirrors - maybe that would scale well, and give quite evenly spread
bandwidth use on the mirror infrastructure. Maybe can tell us more,
whether there could be some generalized way to do this in a distributed way.
And also about performance - I have had bad experience with a lot of HTTP
connections and therefore I redirected all .iso downloads to FTP.

Seeding via BitTorrent is something we at are
doing for a long time now. With every single big release also
advertising BitTorrent - OpenSUSE and Ubuntu come to mind - we were able
to hit the limits of our line (1 GBit/sec in the past, 1,7 GBit/sec in
the meantime and 2 GBit/sec with OpenSUSE 11.3). With OpenSUSE 11.3 we
also added a few additional machines, each serving a single ISO file.
This resulted in about 3 GBit/sec just via BitTorrent at peaks.

With enough RAM, which should not be a problem for proper mirrors, the
CD/DVD files are cached and the random accesses caused by BitTorrent do
not harm at all. By referencing the very same file for HTTP, FTP and
BitTorrent you get BitTorrent "for free" (disregarding CPU usage).

I am interested in learning more about this.

I tried downloading

It gave a download speed of 1.15 MB/S or 9 Mbit/s with wget.

You have a 10 Gbit/s line and the overall bandwidth load at your site was about
1.5 Gbit/s.
So there should be enough excessive bandwidth to play with.
Do you have a limit on the line speed per connection?

I then tried my own site:

This was with wget 29.8 MB/s or about 240 Mbit/s - my system has a 1 Gbit/s
and the load was 100 Mbit/s.

I then tried to download via bittorrent from your site

It was something like 3.2 MB/s = 25 Mbit/s. Better than 9 Mbit/s
So is this why your users use BT? They know it is faster than ftp?
I did not dee any big visible advertisement of the torrents.
So you have educated your users to use BT?
I am just wondering how this is done from your side.

best regards
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