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Re: [suse-mirror] Blogging about 11.3 launch - THANKS!
On Thursday 22 July 2010 13:23:01 Keld Simonsen wrote:
On Thu, Jul 22, 2010 at 12:57:03PM +0200, Peter Poeml wrote:
Above, I claimed "20GB/s" as maximum bandwidth served by Akamai in the
past. I now have the suspicion that the number was wrong. I took the
number from memory (the peak ranged from 13-20 in the past) but the
scale I verified with a presentation from 2008. However, at
Andreas gives 13GBit/s (not GB) for the last release. He also says that
90TB were distributed by Akamai in 24 hours, which results in about
1GB/s or 10 GBit/s and makes the 13GBit/s peak more plausible.

Thus, all I wrote above is put into new perspective and needs to
corrected by a factor of about 10. So the contribution of delivery via
Akamai's services is a tenth of what I reckoned, and it shouldn't pose
much difficulty to the mirrors at all to yield the same.

Still interesting info. I hope those in the know will return to
the list with a more detailed analysis of the 11.3 release, and come
forward with their proposals and decisions for the next release.

Darix, will you drive this?

The main purpose should be that the users would have a good experience
with the next release, and then also that we treat the volunteers
well - the mirror administrators should have a feeling that their work
is appreciated. And in my mind we could have also a look to costs,

Your work is definitely appreciated!

I am not sure if the Akamai service costs something, I would expect it to,
but it could be part of Novell's normal agreement with Akamai.
Maybe such money could be better spent on something else, eg. some
further development of mirroring software.

The way we used Akamai for the launch, it is indeed covered by our contract.

I actually think that the user experience with 11.3 downloads in peek time
was pretty good - if users get about 20 Mbit/s then they are
generally happy, I think.

Yes, think so, too.

Personally I would like to exploit the use of bittorrent seeds hosted
by mirrors - maybe that would scale well, and give quite evenly spread
bandwidth use on the mirror infrastructure. Maybe can tell us more,
and whether there could be some generalized way to do this in a
distributed way. And also about performance - I have had bad experience
with a lot of HTTP connections and therefore I redirected all .iso
downloads to FTP.


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