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Re: [suse-mirror] Blogging about 11.3 launch - THANKS!
Andreas Jaeger (aj@xxxxxxxxxx) wrote on 16 July 2010 21:59:
On Friday 16 July 2010 17:52:27 Carlos Carvalho wrote:
Also, mirrorbrain only sends us isos. There are two possibilities for
this. The first is that opensuse almost doesn't have package updates,
differently from other distros. The second is that it's sending the
packages directly to the clients, since they're much smaller. In this
case it's quite bad since clients will have to pull from Europe, which
is probably a lot slower than pulling from us.

You can just append "?mirrorlist" to a download link to see what
mirrorbrain would do, e.g.:

Looking at that one, I do not see your mirror at all right now - this is
something we should investigate. Darix, could you do so, please?

From here we appear at the top of the list, as it should be. This
shows that mirrorbrain knows we have the file. If we don't show up in
your list at all it's not a database problem, it's in the selection
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