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Re: [suse-mirror] factory
Hi Peter,

On Mon, Feb 16, 2009 at 11:50:41AM +0100, Peter Czanik wrote:
Hello, shows files from 15th of
February, while rsync still seems to lag behind with end of January files:

Yes. The stage area hosting Factory is not being updated for over a week

The reason is, I started working on a new sync regime for Factory
(internal servers / buildservice -> stage.o.o public area -> stage.o.o
stage area -> mirrors) about two weeks ago, but didn't get very far, due
to various other things getting into the way. So, it's "work in progress".

Unfortunately, it's quite hard for me at this moment to commit to a
timeframe when I can bring this to an end.

The goal of the change mentioned above is to have Factory on being updated frequently, as before -- but have a
separate (public) area that has a copy of the tree *plus* older packages
kept around for some time, so to have them available until user's
installers and metadata don't reference them anymore. So the goal is to
have a delayed cleanup of old packages, without inflicting the same
waste of space onto the mirrors.

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